I am Viktor Krapivenskiy. Here is my CV. Sometimes I write things in my blog.
I wrote luastatus.
I implemented support for Lua scripting in strace as a participant of GSoC-2017 (work product submission, slides).
I wrote a proof-of-concept of sharing a Lua state between multiple processes.
I wrote a bc-like programming language and an arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic library for C. See also the libdeci WebAssembly demo.
I wrote a replacement for sleep(1) with progress indicator.
I wrote a replacement for notify-send(1) that can re-use notifications.
I wrote LLVM front-end and the “new” back-end for the isekai verifiable computation framework.
I wrote a tool for (quickly) searching for comments made by specific user on VK.com, a Russian social network. See also the strategy of using VK’s rate-limited storage document.
I wrote the Go version of liboffkv, a library that provides a uniform interface for 3 different distributed KV-storages. See goffkv-consul, goffkv-zk, goffkv-etcd.